Posted by: hafsah | April 6, 2008

Young voter give a new spirit



NILAI: Just few days left to the National Election 2008, and for the one million young voter, it gives them a new experience. The 12th National Election became the higher sum of young people register to become a voter.

“We have the right to vote after 21 years old, so it became our responsibility as Malaysia citizen to do it,” Cik Noraini Yahya, 22, said. The student not only read book and stay a hostel but they must knew about the politic because it a part from our life. It will be a new experience for students join outside politic environment. They not only knew about the campus election but boarded their mind about Malaysia election.
For Mohd Izwan Ismail ,23, young voter must choose wisely the right party that can lead our country and not only influence by the propaganda . They must think deeply which party can govern country in peace and security, so they can study in safely. ”A few students now days, actually don’t realize about the important of Nation Election, and some say it not a part of students’ responsibility,” he said. He said the student must know what happen around them and join with community because they will back to community to give contribution.
“Some of them not realize how important their vote, their one vote can change the country,” Ahmad Ismail, 26, said. This election was the second time he became a voter and Malaysian’s citizen only get a chance became voter, four years once. Use the chance and right wisely, so they can realize how important their vote for country.
The young voter will give new perspective in Malaysia election, they not afraid to voice up their opinion or right anymore. Because this young people will became a leader for country in future


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